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Chief Ancestors (Girls or Boys) - three ancient chefs of Moana's family line. The director will be looking for animated storytellers, clear and confident speakers and singers. These roles will sing solos in both the Oceanic languages and English. 

Vocal Range: A3-A4

Moana (Girl) - Strong, confident young woman. The Director will be looking for an actress who can portray great maturity, possess incredible energy, a fun sense of humor and a strong singer. 

Vocal Range: G3-D5

Chief Tui (Boy) - Moana's Father, Protective, and leader of Motunui. The Director will be looking for a mature and poised actor and a strong singer.

Vocal Range: C2-#F3

Sina (Girl) - Moana's supportive Mother compassionate, perceptive, and strong willed. The Director will be looking for a confident singer who can embody a mature and respected leader. 

Vocal Range: #C4-#C5

Pua (Girl or Boy) - one of Moana's best friends, sweet, unconditionally loyal, scared easily. The Director will be looking for a animated actor and a confident singer.

Vocal Range: B3-#C5

Hei Hei (Girl or Boy) one of Moana's best friends, well-meaning but not to bright. The Director will be looking for a animated actor who can portray innocence and a confident singer. 

Vocal Range: B3-#C5

Gramma Tala (Girl) - wise and eccentric grandmother of Moana, very proud of the stories of their past. The Director will be looking for a playful actor with great facial expressions and good comic timing. Strong confident speaker and singer.

Vocal Range: G3-D5

Maui (Girl or Boy) - Comedic, selfish, sarcastic demigod but really has a heart of gold. The Director will be looking for a high energy confident actor with great facial expressions and comic timing, who can portray Maui's larger-than-life personality. Strong confident speaker and singer.

Vocal Range: E3-#G4 

Tamatoa (Girl or Boy) - gigantic Crab, collector of all things shiny, dangerously egotistical and dramatic. The Director will be looking for an actor who isn't afraid to own the stage with a hip hop style. Strong confident speaker and singer

Vocal Range: B3-B4

Ensemble and Dance Ensembles (Girls and Boys) - 
Each Dance ensemble group will dance and sing. Groups include:
Ocean, Villagers, Maui, Monsters, Shiny, Te Ka/Te Fiti, and Ancestors 
These roles will sing in both the Oceanic languages and English. 

Featured Dance Ensemble - These roles either speak or sing. All featured will dance and sing in the Ensemble.  
Te Fiti (Girl) - regal and benevolent mother island The director will be looking for an actor who is a strong lyrical style dancer
Te Ka (Girl or Boy) demon of earth and fire. 
The director will be looking for an actor who is a strong lyrical style dancer 
Left and Right Claw (Girl or Boy) extensions of Tamatoa's self-centered and ostentatious nature. The Director will be looking for actors who can portray 
snarky. Confident dancers, speakers, and singers.
Fisher 1, Fisher 2, Gate Monster, Villager 1-6 - The Director will be looking for loud confident speakers.

Show Information

Moana Features two Oceanic languages: Samoan, the language of Samoa and Tokelauan, the language of Tokelau.

Everyone in the cast will sing in the Oceanic languages. Actors who wish to prepare should focus on the proper pronunciation of this dialogue.

Use the Language Guide with the videos link below to help learn this dialogue.

Samoan and Tokelauan Pronunciation:
Videos  Audio Tracks

Moana JR. celebrates the rich stories of Oceania and is based on the beliefs and cultures of real people. 

Our production will benefit from a cast that includes a variety of races, genders, abilities, and body types, we will approach our casting process with care and an open mind. Producing a musical is a wonderful way for our participants to engage with stories and cultures from around the world. At the same time, respectful representation of the people and cultures celebrated in Moana JR. is essential. 

Our Production of Moana Jr will include dance ensembles who will do the majority of the dancing in the show. These groups will dance and sing in the Ensemble. There are opportunities for some ensemble members to sing solos or to have lines in the show. 

Audition Dos and Don'ts 

  • Do be on time - Auditions begin at 9am arrive before 9am to be sure you have all the proper paperwork filled out prior to the audition time. 
  • Do fill out paperwork before you arrive - you can download the audition packet at the top of this page 
  • Do bring water - stay hydrated to help with singing and speaking. You don't want to leave the audition room to get a drink because you may miss your opportunity if your name is called. If you are feeling under the weather room temperature water is your friend.
  • Do wear appropriate clothing. - You will be dancing at auditions so wear clothing that will allow you to stretch and move. Jeans are not good for auditions.
  • Do Relax - No stress auditions! Just try your best don't worry about mistakes, trouble reading or singing. The Director looks for those who try their best not perfection. 
  • Do audition like a performance - really show the director what you can do. Don’t hold back even if you are unfamiliar with the material. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or take risks. 
  • Do be honest - Select a character that is in your acting rang (Vocal, Dance, Etc). Don’t write down the lead just because it is the lead. Look at the character list and read what the director is looking for carefully before making your choice.
  • Do eat before auditions - Auditions can take a couple hours so you don't want hunger to be a distraction. Food is not allowed in the audition room.
  • Don't talk during auditions - this is a distraction to the director and to those around you. The audition room should be silent other than the people giving directions or those performing their audition. 
  • Don't tell the Director who to cast - keep comments about who should play what part including yourself to yourself. This can cause others to have false confidence or cause others to give up trying. It will mess up their or someone else's audition. 
  • Don't eat liquid dairy before auditions - This creates mucus that will gum up your vocal cords and cause issues speaking and singing loudly. This includes things like milk, yogurt, ice cream ect. Drink room temperature water to hydrate your vocal cords. 
  • Don't distract the Director - Don't approach the table and talk to the director during auditions. Once you turn in your audition slip and photo don't approach the table unless the director calls you up. 
  • Don't ask to use the bathroom or get a drink - Just quietly exit the audition room and return quickly. 

How Audition Work At ACT 1

  • Arrival and registration 8:45-9:10
  • Once registered actors may enter the audition room.
    Bring your audition photo to the director and say hello.
    Music from the show will play while everyone is getting registered. Some scripts will be available for use during auditions. 
  • We will start with Vocal Warm Ups 
  • Depending on the number of actors auditioning we may split up into two groups for the next part of auditions 
  • Group 1 Will learn music and some of the Oceanic Languages. Solos will sing.
    Group 2 will go learn a some bit of Choreography
  • Group 2 will return and the director will watch the choreography
  • Groups will switch 
  • Group 1 will return and the director will watch the choreography
  • At this point some actors will be released (don't worry you are still in the show)
  • Remaining actors will do some more intuitive auditions including reading and possibly more solos. 
  • Cast list(s) will be anounced Sunday Evening or Monday Morning. 


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Rehearsal Schedule

New audition date will be posted once it is confirmed.
Use this schedule as an example.

Each show it typically 12 weeks of rehearsal and 1 show week with 2-3 performances 

July 25th 9am Auditions (Not the new audition date)
(auditions can take a few hours depending on how many audition.)
August - October Saturday Mornings 9-11am
August 1st 9am
August 8th, 9am
August 15th, 9am
August 22nd, 9am
August 29th, 9am
September 5th, 9am
September 12th, 9am
September 19th, 9am
September 26th, 9am
October 3rd, 9am
October 10th, 9am
October 17th, 9am
October 23th, 6pm - Dress Rehearsal
October 24th, 2pm, Call time 12pm - Show
October 24th, 7pm, Call time 5pm - Show
(Possible 3rd show October 25th, 3pm, Call time 1pm)

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